Door to Door Maritime Services

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We certify the temperature of flowers and aromatic herbs, as received from farms and upon leaving our own two facilities in Bogota and Rionegro, so as to allow for their TRACEABILITY.

Do you know what is

Certified cold chain?

The proper management of the cold chain, the adequate temperature and the right and stable RH (relative humidity) of the flowers‘ environment are key for their maintenance in transit and their longer lasting on the consumers‘ hands.

CERTIFIED COLD CHAIN is a complex, integrated, preservation system that involves hydration since postharvest and cold room storage, followed by a vacuum cooling process, protection, safeguarding and assurance during transport, until delivery of flowers to their destination.

Door to door maritime services

In order to make sure that the ”cold chain umbrella“ is well put up we, as a true 4th party logistics, developed a Door to door (D2D) maritime model that takes care of the full cold chain and humidity control, as the first priority of this trade, next to the farms at origin and preserves it all the way to destination.

We can provide a “one stop shop”, of course depending on third parties for most other conventional 3pls, trucks, forwarders, cargo and customs agents (origin and destination), shipping lines, storage and delivery as the customers’ requests.

Eligible products for vacuum cooling

We are competitive with any other maritime operator but we shall not skip any aspect of quality.