What is Vacuum Cooling?

Cold Chain Technology

Vacuum cooling is by far the most energetically efficient technology to cool down fast flowers,a variety of leafy vegetables and foods.

Greener Technology

VC is “GREENER” than any other cooling method. Since using a ”change of state” tech (liquid water turns into vapor, under vacuum conditions),

It is “intelligent”

Each flower or part of it, whatever its location in the cooling chamber (or box or wetpack), responds individually and goes to the desired temperature, while getting rid of undesired free water at a controlled and known ratio and therefore the results are very homogeneous.

Prevent Damage

When properly and timely applied, Vacuum cooling prevents botrytis and other fungi, bentnecks, dehydration, wilting and ethylene damages. Vacuum cooling extends vase life of flowers.

Who is Vacuum Cooling Colombia now?

Is the most experienced vacuum cooling operator in Colombia and South America. We set up the first machine in 2001 in Bogota and we built our second one in Medellin.

It is the only cold chain logistics integral service provider in South America, run by 3 experienced Mechanical Engineers.

Appointed the EXCLUSIVE PARTNER with ALLCOLD (Guangdong and Shenzhen) LTD, for sales and technical services in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

- Members  of PMA, WFFSA and Acaire.



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What is Allcold Ltd™?

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Largest World
Vacuum Cooler Manufacturer

The largest and most professional vacuum cooler TRUE manufacturer in the world , with 2 plants in China, 1 In USA and 1 in Mexico. Learn more. http://www.allcoldtec.com/

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Custom made designs

Designs according to the customer parameters;
Cooling flowers, herbs, produce, bakery, food; different options of ancillary equipment.

German made Busch/Leybold vacuum pumps, Bitzer compressor, Siemens touch screen, can be monitored online.

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First Party Manufacturing

Other suppliers say they CAN manufacture many coolers, but they only market and sell them, but made by third parties.

control and certification Vacuum Cooling

Independently certifies compliance from origin


Use of vacuum cooling at origin, prior to shipping


Consistently delivering highest possible value at the lowest cost

What is Certified Cold Chain?

Group of companies integrating technology, research, supply, service and logistics, that share fundamental purposes: We ensure the state of the art technologies from origin to destination.

How we do it?

Begins with x-ray scanning, temperature checks*, sorting, consolidating from various farms, building into wooden pallets, storing in cold room, vacuum cooling to 33-36 F and delivery to refrigerated vessel, through temperature isolated gate, & final check.


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