What we do?

We reengineer the flower industry in Colombia (BOG MDE) and Ecuador (UIO) for the USA and other markets, in order to comply with the MINDFUL SPENDING that consumers require at the NEW NORMAL after pandemic and to provide the MAGICAL EXPERIENCE that flowers deserve.

Vacuum Cooling - Claveles

Air Transportation Logistics

As flowers arrive to airports at origin and are built into air pallets, heat accelerates the damaging process if flowers are not cooled immediately. We ensure the Cold Chain via air, by vacuum cooling flowers prior to shipment and controlling every step with our Certified Cold Chain at origin.

This is the only method compatible with airport security standards.

Maritime Logistics

The best way to maintain a cold chain, from origin to destination, is to use a refrigerated sea container where temperature and relative humidity are well controlled within right limits, at all times. Before loading a container we can REDUCE FREE MOISTURE and COOL DOWN the whole load to the right conditions.

Container . Vacuum Cooling

Certified Cold Chain
Quality Standards

We certify the temperature conditions of flowers, as received from farms and upon leaving our facilities, so as to allow for their TRACEABILITY.

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Cold Chain & Logistics for the Flower Business